Over the edge…

It seems to me that humanity is poised at the edge of a great and unforgiving precipice.

I often feel in these times that I am standing at that edge peering over into the void below, wondering what a plunge over would mean and how it would be possible to step back away from that edge, reimagine ourselves as part of this vast universe, redefine our place on this great spinning rock with its thin blanket of air, water, and life, and perhaps find our way back to the forests and grasslands that are our home.

Stimulated by an essay on Medium, I have just re-read, and re-posted on Shunyata’s Apprentice, something I wrote back in September of 2015, an essay on Ta-Nahisi Coates’ wonderful book Between the World and Me. Reading it in the context of the explosion of hatred and virulent, open racism that has characterized our society in the past six months leaves me a bit breathless, anxious, even fearful.

Coates’ brilliant conflation of the social forces that create racism and war with the impulses and social/economic structures that lead to the continuing destruction of the environment, viewed in the light of current events, puts me in fear of our lives.

We are truly clinging to that crumbling precipice by our fingernails.

I will re-post some of my past essays from Shunyata’s Apprentice here, and intend to transfer most of my current-events-related blogging to this site.

Up & running

So I think the new site is up and running. Not gotten confirmation of that from anyone else, but it seems to work for me. I will post a note on Facebook to see if I can get folks to check it out, give me some feedback on how it’s working.

WordPress is outstanding as a platform. They’ve been prompt and to the point with help on the two problems I’ve had, which were just because I was a little dense and didn’t understand how the Customize feature works. This is my third new theme installation, and I have no complaints.

New site for A War Journal

Welcome to A War Journal on WordPress.com – the same site but with a new hosting via WordPress. Thanks to Emily for hosting me for years on her Dreamhost site at hoyama.org! It was a great association, and I’m a bit sad to end it, but she’s moving on so I’m moving to WordPress, which seems to be a seamless transition. It’s a little tricky getting all the new theme’s features working like I want, but seems to be mostly in place.

More changes…

I’m looking into migrating the site to a WordPress hosted domain, so there may be some momentary service gaps here, but I’ll try to update this post as things progress. I think the links will still work, tho I may end up with a different URL. Relying heavily on my friend Emily, who has so graciously hosted me for all these years, to help with the transition, as I obviously don’t know what I’m doing! Thanks Em!

Also am again looking at publishers… not holding my breath, but it is a remote possibility. Seems there may be more interest in publishing things that offer insight on the war culture and how it affects people in the US. Maybe someone will find it worth a shot.


I’ve made a few changes to the site settings, so there’s no way to become a registered user, so you can’t comment unless you were already registered. If you were already registered, should still be able to log in… I think. — There’s a lot of spam out there, and it’s annoying. Spammers should go away. If you seriously want to read this blog or the book and it’s difficult, just email me and we’ll work it out. I’d love to have email comments as well. Thanks.

Also, I have submitted the book proposal to a couple of publishers, tho not a very good chance of getting it read. Still considering self-publishing…. comments?