[Welcome to A War Journal on WordPress! If you are returning to the site, you may notice I’ve moved to Word Press and updated the Theme, so things look different, but mostly the function is the same. The Blog posts are under Blog, no drop-down menu. Other Pages are listed across to the right, including a short story and a blurb/link to my other site, Shunyata’s Apprentice, which is mostly about my experiences as a Buddhist, but has expanded to included social/political commentary. I think I’ve figured out how all the bells & whistles work, and at least it seems the main content is up and running…]

So — Welcome to A War Journal. The journey may be rocky, but we’re all on this path together.

This site is a vehicle for posting chapters of my book about my experiences with entering – and departing from – the US Air Force, including a tour in Southeast Asia (Vietnam and Thailand) during what we persist in calling “the Vietnam War” despite the fact that it was simply one of many examples of US attempts to extend its Empire into the rest of the world.

The chapters (WordPress calls them Pages) are listed in the dropdown under “A War Journal:” in the links that run across the page just under the main title. They are also listed in a right-side menu if you go to an individual page.

The site is primarily the book, with the chapters  posted as Pages under the parent page “A War Journal” – the working title of my book.  Thanks for visiting the site, and I hope you find it interesting, perhaps even edifying.

In addition, I will post things in the weblog category “On writing” about the process of writing and any information about changes to the order or new pieces of the book.

I may add other writings to this site, and will comment on that in the Blog posts.

I would love to have comments. I’m thinking of publishing, so I need feedback! If you have comments but don’t want to leave them here, just e-mail me at <john.feden@gmail.com> . Or visit me on Facebook or Instagram