Construction project

So there are a few pieces of my book uploaded now… Each piece is sort of a chapter, and each one is on a separate page – if you clik on the titles under A War Journal, in the list on the right, you’ll get that section.

The process of setting this all up is time-consuming, and trying to fit it into all the other tasks of my day – watering plants, checking the bamboo shoots, protecting the shoots from squirrels, building a fire in the glaze shop, re-covering the windows in the glaze shop because it was so cold this morning Giana couldn’t work, gathering and cutting more wood, building a fire in the house because it’s going to be 34 tonight (what happened to spring?), working on the shishiodoshi fountain to take to the Cherry Blossom Festival Friday, answering the phone, talking to my mother, making Liana breakfast… – has been hard, and complicated by the fact that it didn’t want to load this morning.

So, my apologies to those of you expecting to find this all up and running today…. Ah, that would be Ruthie… but seems to be working fine now. Just can’t figure out how to get Pages to have categories… oh well, not important. Back to the fire-building…

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