New post: welcome home draft

I’ve posted a new chapter, Welcome Home, in draft form. This is just the journal entries for the chapter, and may actually get broken up into several chapters as I insert narrative and genre pieces into the various slots in the journal.

I know I will add the story “Kill People Mostly” at some point in the chapter, perhaps as a separate chapter. There’s also a piece on a conversation with my mother that I still need to write that will go into the sequence early.

The chapter also needs some narrative to fill in gaps in the whole ‘process of getting out’ story – my journal writing was always sporadic and left out a  lot, so there will be narrative at various points. For this sequence, I’m thinking of breaking it up into smaller chunks rather than the big overlapping pieces I’ve been doing so far, mainly because the sequence is more critical here and the level of detail is greater. Also, my journal is pretty dull and flat, so needs something to perk it up! I may actually treat it as background and try to round out the story in narrative, so that the journal entries are optional…. not sure that’s a good idea, though.

Now I just have to start reading it and seeing what needs to go where… Lots of work before this one gets updated! But when it does, the original story will be complete. Just need to finish the Trip narrative. Getting close!

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