Falling thru…

Fall has been slow in the writing department. There have been lots of other things going on, but not much progress on the book. I have written two articles for the Golden Islander, and may do more of that, but my focus has been on Giana, the kids, the pottery, the Vipassana center… generally on ploughing through this deep, mucky section of life’s field that has come with the Fall season.

Have been considering depositing some of my other writing efforts on this blog site… some stories that I want to re-write and/or edit, maybe even some of the School is Zen stuff, which I’ve more or less abandoned hopes of finishing, could be re-cast with less sectarian tones, maybe for a general teacher audience…

Also may do some non-book related blogging here. Lots of things going on that I could drone on about. An electronic journal of sorts…

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