The author…

If you just happened on this site, which is unlikely, you may wonder about me.

Not a lot to say… I live in south Georgia, I’m retired from teaching school and raising children, and I’m trying to finish this book. I try to help my wife sell pottery, and I try to help my bamboo grow so I can enjoy my grove and make a few flutes and other lovely things of bamboo. I occasionally teach GED and English classes and help my wife in her studio, and I wash a lot of dishes.

I also write about local high school sports – football, basketball and soccer – for our local paper. It gets me out of the house and talking to people. And it’s usually fun, though often annoying.

I do yoga and some Buddhist (Zen and Vipassana) meditation, try to practice sampajanna (constant thorough understanding of impermanence) and to follow the eightfold path laid out by the Buddha. I’m also currently practicing the Lojong (Training the Mind slogans) from Tibetan teachings.

I have been seriously worried about the progress of civilization for some time now – I think we would all be better off as hunter/gatherers! I went thru a period of optimism brought on by the 2008 election, hoping the end of right-wing reactionary/neo-fascist control of the United States would allow us at least the possibility of regaining the American dream of a society based on freedom, justice and equality. But it seems that’s an elusive goal and not likely reached thru the election processes.

I’m currently investigating the writings of Charles Eisenstein and in communication with a loose group of folks who think of themselves as proponents of ‘the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.’ That’s the title of Charles’ latest book and a Facebook page they populate, which reports on the various efforts around the world to bring about a more peaceful, happy and loving world.

I know that if we don’t end our pursuit of empire and control of nature, we will end by driving our progeny into ever degraded conditions of life and putting the entire human race at risk of early extinction.

May all beings be happy!

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