Yes, well. Progress is slow, but I am feeling some better tonight and have about 20 chapters posted now! There are a couple of gaps – something else may go after “My Decision pt. I”, and “The Wall” will definitely go between “Hide” and “Journal, Vietnam.” That leaves me with only three or four more chapters of the Trip story to write, and three or four more pieces of narrative/journal, one of which is mostly done. So I am making progress. That helps me to be more motivated, and less depressed…

If anyone is listening… I would really like response to how it flows as far as the order of pieces – I keep revisiting that and wondering if I should be more regular, like always have narrative first, journal after or vice versa, or whether it’s okay for that to vary.

I am reading Sonya Huber’s wonderful book Opa Nobody, which is also creative non-fiction, and love the seamless way she blends her own story, the meta-commentary, the factual material, and the imagined material. I wonder if I have overdone my efforts to separate everything with sections and dates and orthographic distinctions… 

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