Twenty-three and holding…

Alas, May and June have passed with no new content… There is more written, awaits rewrites and editing, and more to write. Just no time for writing.

I did a ten-day course at the new Vipassana Center here – it was wonderful! The best thing I’ve ever done! It was hard being away for so long, especially being so close, but it was so worth it! I’ve felt highly energized, deeply happy, and very peaceful for the weeks since. I plan to do service and further courses there. It is the best presentation of the dharma I’ve encountered, and by far the best practice. It is what I’ve been looking for, the ‘something more’ I’ve needed, for years. I had nearly given up on my shikantaza practice, but this has revitalized my daily practice.

The pottery business has been demanding, as have home and family. Giana has been sick some, but produced tons of wonderful wonder pottery for the Bamboo Festival – at which we did pretty well and had a great time. Now we’re building inventory for the Fall season.

John and Manna got married! Hooray! And are back happily working away in Savannah. Liana is in Spain, struggling to communicate with chefs about her vegetarian dietary needs, Luke is working for the paper and juggling 24-7, Adrian is working all the time, and the dogs are driving us all a little batty! (They totally trashed the house while we were away for four days!)

The bamboo grove is more wonderful every year, and politics in America more insane. I spend more time in the grove and on the cushion every week, and less time reading the political blogs etc. It’s not that I’m apathetic – I care very much – it’s just that I’m disillusioned and see my energy as best directed toward positive growth rather than into the black hole the political system seems to have become. I am skeptically optimistic about Obama, and hope that he may begin some kind of transformation of the system, but it’s a long shot at best. If McCain wins, I’m out in the grove full time. We must become more like the bamboo, build an underground rhizome system that will spread, penetrate, and emerge where least expected! A true Green Revolution! The Bamboo Underground!

I do plan to blog here more frequently, and to get back to working on the book. But I may have to get another job to pay for next semester for Liana…. Not looking good. Retirement artificially boosted my income for ’07, so her financial aid may be way down. She may indeed have to sit out a semester sometime to let us catch up. But I’m still glad she’s doing the summer Spain thing… will be important to her personal development. It hurts me to see her stressed and depressed, but I’m sure she’ll grow from it all.

Love to all!

(More soon!)

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