Writing as sculpture

Writing is much like sculpture.

You have all these grand ideas in your head as to how the thing will look, or read, and that it will be beautiful and flowing… but the process of realizing them is a slow chipping away, tiny modifications, tedious re-working and re-working…

In sculpture, one of the hardest parts is getting the piece you’re working on strapped down and solid so that you can carve or chip on it without it moving around. The technical setup for writing is much like that as well… WordPress has this new feature, ‘distraction-free writing mode’, which seems to help with some of that, but there are always the technical issues to be resolved, getting things to come out in the right order, keeping up with which is the most current version of any given piece… on and on.

But I have slogged thru quite a few of the issues with the last several bits of this wannabe book, so that it’s mostly in the right order and close to final form. There are still lots of pieces yet to come, but the end is near!

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