Well, it’s pretty much done.

I think all the pieces are here now. Just finished the Epilog, and posted the final chapter of the Trip sequence last night. I suppose I should write an introduction or something, but I need some space from this part to do that.

Also just updated the Theme, which changes the way the site looks but keeps the functioning pretty much the same, so if you’ve been here before and wonder why it looks different… it is!

I am sure it needs much editing and revising yet, but it’s all here now. I would appreciate comments on the multi-genre approach and how that works for you. There may be things I need to do to make it work better, read easier, be clearer, but I’m pretty happy and pretty committed to the multi-genre approach. I feel this format creates juxtapositions of various elements of the story that don’t happen in a straight narrative… but I’m open to suggestion/discussion about modifications  to make things clearer.

As I said in the beginning, it’s been a hell of ride. But I feel good about it… whatever comes of it, it’s out there. I will begin going back thru making read-throughs and taking out the password restrictions where they still stand. So let me know what you think.

Thanks for hanging with me.

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