Black kids know gun violence

Even on the AP and other mainstream news media, the message is getting out that there’s a twist to the anti-gun activism that’s getting such exposure now.

While I am certainly in favor of legislation to limit gun availability and establish some reasonable standards for who gets them, we need to realize that it’s a slippery slope and if these things are taken uncritically, we could find ourselves in worse shape.

One of the clear indicators of what’s wrong with this process is that it’s pretty much limited to upper class white kids. The black kids who’ve been suffering from gun violence for generations have never been listened to, and are not likely to be factored in to the equation now.

Difficult analysis is required to see that gun violence is a product of complex social distortions generated primarily by the violence at the heart of the Empire. One of the most telling memes going around about this now says “Police violence is gun violence.”

Do the work of sorting that out for yourself and you’re well on the way to understanding the complexities of this issue.

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