Human values

Ah, what we have lost!

This society, this world and its “economic” systems, have lost all sense of the true value of human life, all sense of what true human values are.

In his Labor Day column on Medium, the writer Yonatan Zunger delineates the deeper meanings of this in a very insightful way. A telling quote:

Yet when we hear the language of free markets, it’s almost invariably to talk about their virtues, and the very real fact that most of the most important trades the average person makes are not even remotely free gets papered over. The fact that some people can walk away from a deal, while other people can’t, is covered up with words about “job markets” which hide the fact that buyers and sellers of labor aren’t having even vaguely similar conversations.

The whole piece, “the radical idea that people have value”  is worth reading. It’s on Medium, which is sometimes hard to navigate, but this link should work. If not, here’s the full address:

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3 thoughts on “Human values

  1. Imagine a system that rewarded (and penalized) volition in lieu of production…..many would argue that nothing would get done…..well….with proper volition….that which is needed will always manifest…at its proper time….like mind…like society…..create a system that is dependent upon production (equates to manifestation of object of desire and fear)….you get a social/economic atomosphere of agitation and unattainable long term satisfaction driven by the subjective and desire to “win” or in other words self preservation of the ego/self…..create a system based on volition (equates to proper flow of systems with the minimization of limitation)…produced is a social/economic atmosphere of satisfaction based on and infinite flow of creation through a workforce with common goals but not driven by limited….manipulative interpretation….I strive every moment to recognize the volition of my children in lieu of their production…..and i experience the true nature of the difference between the two when a situation presents a production driven reaction compared to volition.


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